Continuing Education Requirements

Once a producer receives a license, that producer must satisfy continuing education requirements. These biennial requirements for a resident producer are:

Authority Hours Course Type
Life and/or Health* 12 Life/Health
Property and/or Casualty* 12 Property/Casualty
Crop Only 2 Crop
Title Only 4 Title
Pre-need Only Affirm pre-need business only

*Such requirement shall include at least one hour of instruction in insurance ethics. No more than three Continuing Education Credits shall be in insurance agency management.

 Kansas law requires that each individual holding a life license solely for the purpose of selling pre-need insurance shall provide affirmation that no other insurance business was transacted during the current renewal period. No continuing education hours are required to renew the limited lines license of pre-need. Affirmation may be provided online via Producer Desktop.

For those producers who were born in an odd-numbered year, the biennial due date is the producer's date of birth in each odd year. For those producers born in an even-numbered year, the biennial due date is the producer's date of birth in each even year. Such due date shall not be earlier than two years following the producer's initial licensure.

Requirements For Compliance

Kansas resident producers must complete courses approved by the Kansas Insurance Department.  Courses must be completed during the biennium to which they are to be applied.  If the CE provider does not submit the producer course information electronically, the producer must submit the KCE-4 or an official grade report from a provider of professional designation courses to the Kansas Insurance Department by the biennial renewal date.  Please call the Producers Division at (785-296-6755) to verify that a professional designation course has been approved by the Department.

Nonresident producers must renew on-line or send a $50 biennial license fee by the renewal due date. A Certification Letter from the producer's home state is not required. License status will be verified through PDB as proof of continuing education compliance.

Licenses Cancelled for Noncompliance with CE Requirements

If a Kansas resident or nonresident license is suspended or terminated for failure to submit continuing education/renewal requirements the producer must provide:

Course Providers

See Provider/Course Catalog Look-Up.