Flood Course Providers

The following providers* offer classroom, self-study, or Internet flood courses. All self-study/Internet courses require a final exam monitored by an independent third party. Contact the provider for enrollment information.

To obtain information regarding other providers, e-mail conted@ksinsurance.org or call 785-296-6755.

* Course providers are subject to change.

Provider Telephone
A. D. Banker (classroom/self-study) 800-255-0408 or
CEU.com (Internet) 800-295-9010
FEMA - National Flood Insurance Program (Internet) 512-529-1206
Fidelity National Property & Casualty Insurance Company (classroom) 866-373-5663
Insurance Career Training, Inc. (classroom/Internet) 317-863-0044
Insurance Study.Com (Internet) 866-339-3900
National Alliance (classroom/Internet) 512-345-7932
Norris Training Systems (classroom/Internet) 800-828-7181 or
Reged. Inc (Internet) 800-334-8322
Sandi Kruise Insurance Training (self-study) 800-517-7500
United Insurance Educators (Internet) 800-735-1155
WebCE.com (Internet) 800-488-9308 or