Adopted Recommendations

The following recommendations have been submitted by the listed Work Groups and adopted by the Steering Committee.

Originating Work Group

Description/Link to File Adopted Date Posted Date
Consumer Outreach/Education/Information Consumer Outreach and Education Plan, January 2012 - December 2013 12/1/2011 1/30/2012
Agents/Brokers/Navigators Certification of Navigators 10/20/2011 10/21/2011
Agents/Brokers/Navigators Training of Navigators 10/20/2011 10/21/2011
Governance/Legal/Legislative Governance Proposal 10/20/2011 10/21/2011
Insurance Market Issues Should the Kansas Exchange limit the number of insurance carriers? 5/23/2011 9/27/2011
Agents/Brokers/Navigators Oversight of Navigators 6/22/2011 9/27/2011
Agents/Brokers/Navigators Role of Agents/Brokers in the Exchange 6/22/2011 9/27/2011
Focus/Business Operations Issues How many Exchanges should Kansas have? 3/31/2011 9/27/2011