2013 Consumer Alerts

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2013 Consumer Alerts

Dec 18

Consumer Alert - Online scams prevalent during holiday season

A Kansas Insurance Department employee recently received a credit card statement online that showed a balance due. Nothing new, you say—except that the employee has never had that credit card. The holiday season is a time that everyone should be aware of cyber scams, said Sandy Praeger, Kansas Commissioner of Insurance.

Oct 30

Consumer Alert - InsureKS.org website adds price information, help locator

In an effort to help Kansans who are struggling to find health insurance coverage information on the federal marketplace website, the Kansas Insurance Department’s www.insureKS.org website has new features about Kansas plans, prices and assistance.

Oct 16

Consumer Alert - Watch out for Medicare Part D, Advantage fraud during the open enrollment period

During the open enrollment period for Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans, Sandy Praeger, Commissioner of Insurance, is urging Kansas Medicare beneficiaries to be alert to any potential scams surrounding sign-up activity. 

Oct 14

Consumer Alert - Drive defensively during deer season

Although deer population numbers might be down nationwide, there’s still a need to be vigilant while driving this fall, according to Sandy Praeger, Commissioner of Insurance.

Sep 10

Consumer Alert - Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger fines marketing firm, issues cease/desist order

Sandy Praeger, Kansas Commissioner of Insurance, has issued fines totaling $9,000 and a cease and desist order against an Ohio-licensed insurance marketing firm for illegal activities in Kansas.

August 13

Consumer Alert - 'Insurance needs' should be on your students' college checklist

Don’t forget “insurance needs” when checking off items your college students should have to make their year successful, said Sandy Praeger, Commissioner of Insurance. “College students across Kansas soon are heading back to their schools,” Commissioner Praeger said. “But in the rush to get there, students and parents shouldn’t forget to review their insurance coverage needs.”

July 29

Consumer Alert - Foiled phone scam shows need for guarding insurance information

Potential insurance scam artists in the Kansas City area picked the wrong people to call. The Kansas Insurance Department heard recently from a pair of Kansas insurance agents who each received telephone solicitations for auto insurance. The agents became suspicious when the caller said he worked for the insurance company that the licensed agents work for. The caller also wanted information from the agents’ driver’s licenses, which was another red flag for the pair of insurance professionals.

May 2

Consumer Alert - Flood insurance rates to increase

Kansans evaluating their flood insurance needs should be aware of upcoming rate increases for new and renewal policies, according to Sandy Praeger, Commissioner of Insurance.

March 7

Consumer Alert - Preparation, action are keys to storm-related insurance concerns

The year 2012 was an average year for storm-related insurance claim losses in Kansas. But whatever spring weather holds for 2013, Sandy Praeger, Kansas Commissioner of Insurance, is urging Kansas insurance consumers to be prepared.

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