2012 Consumer Alerts

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2012 Consumer Alerts

October 15

Consumer Alert - Deer season means defensive driving needed

Deer and driving…it’s time to be prepared, according to Sandy Praeger, Commissioner of Insurance. Mid-fall is a likely time of the year for deer to be seen on roadways. Sunrise and sunset are the times they are most active around roadways.

October 8

Consumer Alert - Be alert for fraud during Medicare Part D, Medicare Advantage open-enrollment period

Kansas Medicare beneficiaries should be alert to any potential scams surrounding sign-up activity for Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans, according to Sandy Praeger, Commissioner of Insurance.  

August 8

Consumer Alert - Scammers add court ruling to list of fraud schemes

Scam activity directed against insurance consumers occurs on a regular basis, but since the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the health reform law, scammers have new lines to try out on unsuspecting Kansans, according to Sandy Praeger, commissioner of insurance.

July 30

Consumer Alert - Add 'insurance policy review' to your college-bound checklist

When checking off items a Kansas college student needs at school, don’t forget to check “insurance coverage,” said Sandy Praeger, Commissioner of Insurance.

March 15

Consumer Alert - Evaluate your need for flood insurance

It’s been a mild winter in many parts of the United States, but Kansans still need to evaluate their insurance needs concerning flooding in the state, according to Sandy Praeger, Commissioner of Insurance.

March 12

Consumer Alert - Unlicensed agent, entity under KID investigation

The Kansas Insurance Department (KID) is investigating possible instances of multi-state sales of unlicensed property and casualty insurance by an Illinois-based man and his related company.

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