2007 Consumer Alerts

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2007 Consumer Alerts

December 2007

Insurance consumers in the Kansas City, KS, area who were customers of Ronald E. Brown, Deatrice Brown or The Brown Insurance Agency are urged to contact their companies for coverage verification following regulatory and legal action against the Browns and their company.

December 2007

Recent telephone calls to Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger’s office indicate public insurance adjusters may be operating in the state following last week’s ice storm damage.  Only insurance company adjusters and independent adjusters contracted by insurance companies are permitted to operate in Kansas, according to the Commissioner.

December 2007

It might be the season of giving, but a new survey shows a majority of Americans are worried about what might be taken from them. According to new research by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, of which the Kansas Insurance Department is a member, 57 percent of U.S. adults say they are concerned about being a victim of identity theft during the holiday season, and 66 percent believe they are more at risk when making purchases online.

October 2007

Nearly 300 people were injured in 2006 in Kansas vehicle accidents involving deer. In total, 9,197 deer-vehicle accidents occurred last year in the state. And three people died in those accidents. Those are statistics Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger would rather not see.  The Commissioner is asking for caution during the upcoming deer mating and hunting seasons.

September 2007

Imagine graduating from college with thousands of dollars of unauthorized debt and a wrecked credit rating – the result of identity theft. Kansas college students may be vulnerable to identity theft because of the availability of personal information and the way many students handle it, according to Sandy Praeger, Kansas Commissioner of Insurance.

July 2007

Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger has issued a cease and desist order against a company engaged in the unauthorized sale of insurance in the state of Kansas.  The Tennessee based non-profit corporation, National Foundation of America (NFOA), was purportedly responsible for the advertising and issuance of tax-deductible annuities without submitting to the examination of the Insurance Commissioner. (View Final Order)

May 2007

Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger is warning Kansans who are shopping for used cars to take a few extra precautions. With the flooding that recently occurred in Northeast Kansas, there may be hundreds of vehicles that have moderate to severe flood damage, and these vehicles may be finding their way to a car seller near you.

February 2007

Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger is urging Medicare beneficiaries and their families to be aware that some insurance companies may be using aggressive marketing tactics to sell Medicare Advantage products, which in turn may mislead consumers to make decisions that could negatively affect their insurance coverage.

February 2007

Even though we may still have snow on the ground in many parts of the state, spring storms are just around the corner and as many of you already know, they can bring costly damage to your property.

January 2007

With more than half of the winter season still ahead of us, the potential for ice and snow storms still loom on the horizon. Many times, these storms can result in the loss of power to our homes and businesses, as power lines become ice laden trees give way under the burden of the ice. Being prepared is the first step to mitigating damages, and increased insurance claims.

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